About Barry

I developed an interest in photography when in my twenties. By developing and enlarging black and white prints, I gained an understanding of the underpinning concepts in photography. This put me in good stead in making use of the digital photography age. Digital photograph is still grounded in basic principals embodied in the days of film and the way non-automated cameras operated.

Studies in Mathematics have influenced the way I see my surroundings. Ratio, proportion, relationships, projections, symmetry and perspective all play a role in appreciating and seeing new things around you. Even Calculus gives you subtle insight into how you relate to your surrounding.

Number is important. We appreciate concepts involving one, three and five more than two and four. How appealing is that single tree strategically positioned in an image!

Growing up in Portland in Coastal Western District of Victoria allowed me to explore beaches, sand dunes, cliffs, the sea and coastal rivers. Sea mists, wild seas, winter clouds, cold air, pounding surf, wet-soft sands give enduring enjoyment. One of my favourite places is Discovery Bay between Portland and the South Australian border. How invigorating it is to breathe air fresh from the Antarctic.

A finished career now allows me to explore photography and the world around me to my heart’s content. Modern technology has opened new methods, new technologies to complement what we do, and new algorithms in software to process images in new ways. Every month comes with new cameras on the market and software with new features. Nevertheless, the basics remain – using light – seeing shapes – seeing relationships – seeing colour– looking above, below and behind you.

It is said, “It is the moment you take the photograph that gives you the greatest thrill, rather than what you might do with the photograph.” When you look at a photograph it reminds you of that time and the feelings then. It is the same when you see someone else’s photograph. Very often, as well as the structure or story the photograph tells, it is your association with times similar to that in the photograph that you enjoy.

I now reside in Melbourne with lots of journeys to see what surrounds me.